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A letter to Parents, Pastors, and Youth Leaders


      Greetings to you in Jesus name! My name is Rev. Rick Pearson, founder of As I enter my thirty-second year of youth ministry I am convinced now more than ever before that as Christian pastors, parents, and leaders we must address the effects of the media upon our culture, especially our youth culture. We live in a world that literally marches to the beat of the media and unfortunately that beat is leading us far away from God’s truth and will for our lives.


      reTHINKtruth is a powerful multi-media driven program that addresses head on the hypocrisy and lies of the media. reTHINKtruth challenges students and adults to “reThink” what the media (television, music, movies, video games and the internet) tells us is truth about drugs, alcohol, violence, suicide, and sex. During a reTHINKtruth presentation we reveal what current media is saying to us and how it is in direct contrast to what God’s Word is saying to us. The entire program is saturated with scripture as it is our weapon against the strongholds of the evil one!


      A question I'm often asked is, “How do you present such material in an appropriate way?” Considering how vulgar, explicit and blasphemous the media is today, this is a difficult task for sure. We do our very best to present the media in a relevant form (so students don’t write us off as just old fogies who have no idea what we are talking about) and yet present the material in an appropriate format for Christians. There is no doubt that the program is offensive, especially to many adults and students who do not engage in these types of media. Sadly, the truth is, a vast majority of students and adults are exposed to these types of media on a daily basis. We have become so desensitized that we no longer even realize that what we are exposing ourselves to is evil. I have had many students say to me after a reTHINKtruth presentation that they had listened to a song hundreds of times but never thought about what the lyrics were saying until they saw them on the screen and exposed through the light of God’s Word!

      Another question that I am often asked is, “What about the student who may be homeschooled or has been really protected from such media?” I certainly understand how the reTHINKtruth program could be a very eye opening and uncomfortable experience for a person that has somehow been completely protected from such media. I certainly to do not enjoy the thought that I would be exposing these students to this type of media for the first time. I also do not enjoy the thought that someday these students will be out on their own in this evil world driven by ungodly media. For these students I look at the reTHINKtruth

program like a boot camp, preparing them for the battle they will face when they enter the world on their own. When you join the armed forces you are required to go through boot camp. It is tough! It is uncomfortable! They expose you to tear gas which makes you think you are dying. They make you crawl on your belly under a net while they shoot live rounds over your head. They do these things so that when you are in battle and experience these very uncomfortable and scary situations you will know what to do and not crack under the situation. I believe that reTHINKtruth prepares students for their mission field. They are going to face all sorts of very difficult and uncomfortable situations on their mission field and I feel the better prepared they are the better chance they have to not only survive but to thrive as they advance the Kingdom of God.


      After these many years in youth ministry, one thing I have learned is the battle is not easily won. The reTHINKtruth program is like punching satan right in the face! He is not going to take it lying down! I have numerous times asked the Lord that I could be released from the burden of presenting reTHINKtruth to students. It makes me feel dirty and ugly. It’s no fun at all. Each time that I ask the Lord to be released from this program I am reminded of how dirty and ugly Christ must have felt as He became my sin upon that cross. I have no choice but to answer God’s call upon my life and do His will. I count it a great privilege to serve the Lord my God and to be called His child.

      The results of the reTHINKtruth program are truly remarkable! Thousands of students have been impacted in a positive way and are now making careful choices about the types of media that they expose themselves to. We thank God for this! May the Lord continue to guide and strengthen us as we strive to answer His call upon our lives.


In the service of our Lord,

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